Consultation into intermediate care underway

The consultation will run until December 8th and will give the public an opportunity to consider two proposed models of care and give their views on how intermediate care will be provided in the north of the county


The consultation will be about two models of care:


Model A

The Intermediate Care Unit in the Henry Cornish Centre in Chipping Norton continues and the full 14 bed service is provided by the Order of St John Care Trust.


Model B

Intermediate Care services based in people's own homes are further developed in North Oxfordshire, including Chipping Norton, and the Intermediate care Unit at the Henry Cornish Care Centre is closed. The space could be moved into use as part of the existing Care Home already on the site.


The consultation will not involve an option for the existing arrangement in Chipping Norton to continue. At present nursing staff are managed directly by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and the Orders of St John Care Trust provide the accommodation, property, essential care, domestic and 'hotel' services and is the registered provider. This arrangement cannot be afforded within the available and projected council budgets.


If other viable options are put forward during the consultation, where they are affordable and realistic, these will be considered as part of the final decision-making process. Proposals would need to be specific, financially viable, safe and affordable.


A report on the consultation will be written after the public consultation closes on 8th December 2015.


Oxfordshire County Council will give due consideration to the views expressed, and the Director of Adult Social Services will make a recommendation to the Cabinet of the County Council which meets on 26th January 2016 and the Cabinet will make the final decision.



The consultation will involve a variety of ways for people to contribute:



  • Online at www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/intermediatecare
  • Download a hard copy of the questionnaire and return it using the email address below.
  • Pick up a copy in Chipping Norton or Banbury Library
  • Request a hard copy of the consultation document and questionnaire.



 or in writing to:



Engagement Team

Oxfordshire County Council

County Hall

New Road




Public meeting

Date: 21 October 2015

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm - doors open 6:30pm

St Mary’s Church

Church Street,

Chipping Norton, OX7 5NT





Further infomation

Email:  iccn@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Phone the Engagement Team on 01865 323624


Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet member Councillor Judith Heathcoat  said: ”We hope people will take full advantage of this opportunity to let us know their views on how intermediate care can best be provided  in the north of our county.  We know this is an issue close to the hearts of people in and around Chipping Norton but it also impacts on a much wider population across the north of Oxfordshire and beyond.  We hope that all those who may be affected respond to our consultation.  We will take account of the feedback we receive when we come to make our decision about the future direction of intermediate care in the area.”





Notes to editors:


What is intermediate care?

Intermediate care services are designed to help people, usually older people, who have an illness or injury to stay at home rather than go into hospital, and to support people to get back home as quickly as possible after a hospital stay.

Intermediate care services can be provided to people in different ways.  Although most intermediate care is provided as a bed based service, it can also be provided as a community service in people’s own homes by a team of social care and health staff.