Concessionary bus passes revert to normal hours from 15 June

People using concessionary bus passes are being advised that later this month temporary changes to the times the passes could be used will end.

From 15 June the entitlement to free travel for pass holders will again be from 9.00am to midnight Monday to Friday and anytime Saturday and Sunday.

County Councillor Yvonne Constance, Cabinet member for Environment and Transport, said: “The county council decided to give the extra free travel allowance at the height of the COVID-19 restrictions when older people and those with disabilities were finding it particularly difficult to do things like shopping, and so it made sense to alter the times the pass could be used to match special supermarket openings.

“Now that we are seeing the need decline, and demand for bus travel at peak times expected to rise, we have decided to go back to the longstanding and well-understood arrangements.”

A temporary agreement between the bus companies and the county council meant that pass holders could use them before 9am Monday – to Friday in order to take advantage of revised supermarket opening times. However, with these arrangements being wound down, schools attendance increasing, and business starting to re-open, this means a likely increase in bus demand with continued reduced capacity on buses.