Children mark First World War Armistice as “Oxfordshire Remembers” 100 years on

Children from Oxfordshire have been continuing to mark 100 years since the Armistice which ended the First World War with two special events having taken place at the time of year when poppies are in full bloom.

Around 60 secondary school students from around the county gathered at St Hugh’s College, Oxford University to present to each other their thoughts on their studies throughout the year about the First World War and its implications.

They will be joined by a group of VIP guests including the Lord Lieutenant Tim Stevenson and the Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council, Cllr Gill Sanders.

At a separate event primary school children from all over the county gathered at Dalton Barracks near Abingdon to form a giant human poppy, which was photographed and filmed from the air.

Children were given either red or black ponchos and formed in to the shape of a poppy for the photograph to be taken.

Unique opportunities

County Councillor Lynda Atkins is the County Chairman of the Royal British Legion and has helped to organise the events. She said: “These were unique opportunities for children in Oxfordshire to think about the sacrifice made 100 years ago by people from their own communities at the time of year when poppies are always blooming in England.

“Events are taking place throughout the year as part of “Oxfordshire Remembers” which is part of the Royal British Legion’s Thank You campaign. These will culminate in the Autumn in and around the actual anniversary of the Armistice.”

The campaign is supported by funding from Oxfordshire County Council.