Care Leavers share a Christmas Day to remember

Around 30 young care leavers from Oxfordshire had a Christmas Day to remember when they held the first event of its kind in the county.

The celebrations were part of the Christmas Dinner project being promoted nationally by renowned poet Lemn Sissay, enabling care experienced young people to enjoy a traditional meal and other festive treats when they might otherwise have no family to share the day with.


The Oxford event, like others in London, Liverpool and Manchester, was run by volunteers who persuaded local businesses and organisations to donate food and services. Many of the guests (aged 17 to 29 years old) continue to receive support from the council as care experienced young people and some were also able to bring their own children and siblings to celebrate together.

Mr Sissay, who grew up in care himself, was there to lead the celebrations at Turl Street Kitchen as a very Merry Christmas was had by all.

The council’s Director for Children’s Services Lucy Butler said: “This was a brilliant event and the organisers and everyone who attended deserve immense credit for making it happen and bringing so much joy to the occasion.”

Thanks to the Oxfordshire Christmas Dinner group for sharing the video!