Council partners with The Care Workers' Charity to provide grants to care workers in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire County Council and The Care Workers’ Charity have partnered to provide grants to care workers in need working or living in the Oxfordshire area.

Care workers in the area who have encountered a sudden loss of income can apply for a grant from the charity to stabilise their finances and health so they may continue focusing on providing high quality care.

The Care Workers’ Charity can provide grants to help combat the rise in living costs, help care workers who are losing income due to illness or injury, need assistance with the purchasing of white goods and household items, or are facing eviction.

As with all of the charity's grant giving, eligibility will be confirmed by workplace and in this instance by area postcode. Eligibility for Oxfordshire grants will be based on living or working in an Oxfordshire County Council postcode area.

Oxfordshire County Council has also provided funding to enable eligible care providers to reimburse the cost of the Blue Light Card to their employees. This will be administered by the Care Workers’ Charity.

The Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers will be promoting the schemes to providers who provide social care support in Oxfordshire.

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