Broken down vehicle accident in Oxford prompts road safety advice

Firefighters used specialist hydraulic rescue equipment to free two trapped people from two cars involved in an accident at around 10pm on Wednesday December 10 on the A40 Oxford ring road.

One vehicle collided with another that had broken down between the Marston junction and the Headington roundabout. The road had to be closed for two hours whilst the incident was dealt with and a scene investigation was carried out.

Trauma-trained firefighters

Three other people had managed to free themselves from the cars and all casualties were tended to by trauma-trained firefighters before being passed into the care of the ambulance service, who took them to hospital for further treatment.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service via its educational programme 365alive recommends that drivers have a hazard warning triangle; a high visibility jacket and a torch on-board so other drivers can detect broken down vehicles and motorists who have broken down can safely navigate themselves.

Other items firefighters advise drivers should have in a vehicle in the event of a breakdown include an ice-scraper, de-icer and a blanket to assist if motorists break down in cold weather; a blanket should people get cold; jump leads to use to try and re-start a vehicle; a shovel should it be required; decent footwear and also a first aid kit to deal with any injuries prior to the arrival of the emergency vehicles.

Make your vehicle visible to other drivers

Kerry Blair, Fire Risk Manager for Cherwell and West Oxfordshire for Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service, said: "On arrival our firefighters were faced with a serious incident with two people who needed to be extricated from vehicles - one vehicle had become trapped against a road barrier, further complicating the operation.

"I cannot emphasise enough the importance of drivers ensuring they are equipped to make their vehicles visible should they break down - deploying a hazard warning sign and wearing a high visibility jacket once they have exited the vehicle will alert other road users to their presence and could help prevent a serious accident.

"It can sometimes be difficult to get vehicles off the road once they have broken down but putting hazard warning lights on will alert motorists that a vehicle is causing a disruption."