Broad Street anti-Brexit bus statement

This was a request that came to officers relating to the lifting of a parking restriction in a busy part of our road network. The original reason given for refusal by the officer – the political advertising point - was wrong and it has been reviewed following legal advice.

As we have stated publicly, the request relates to the parking of a bus in a restricted area which is the subject of a Traffic Regulation Order imposed to manage traffic safely and efficiently. The council’s view is that this request does not fall into the very limited exceptions that would be used to lift those restrictions. The event would involve parking a bus on double-yellow lines and include an area for guest speakers and an audience in the road. It is due to the impact on traffic management and safety that the decision has been taken not to grant the request to lift the parking restrictions.

There are other off-road locations in the city centre that could be suitable for this kind of public event and we believe that these are being explored at the moment.