Bookstart changes

Bookstart Treasure packs are important and valuable resources that are gifted to all 3-4 year old children.

Previously the library service organised and paid for delivery of these packs to all early education and childcare settings in the county. Budget reductions mean this is no longer possible.

Temporary process

From now until April 2016 early years providers will be able to collect Bookstart Treasure gift packs from a local library.

We would encourage you to organise a visit your local library to collect the gifts packs with children. If this is not possible a staff member could collect all the packs to be handed out at your setting.

To arrange a visit or collection of packs please contact your local library directly.

Process from April 2016

We recognise this temporary process will not be practical for all early years providers in the county. From April 2016 Oxfordshire Early Years plan to work with the library service to resume delivery of Bookstart Treasure Gifts directly to all early years settings.

We will be in touch after April 2016 to arrange delivery of the gift packs.


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