Bogus Blue Badges? 10-day amnesty. No questions asked

Blue Badge Amnesty

What difference does one parking space make? A lot to people with reduced mobility.

For the first time, Oxfordshire County Council is offering a 10-day amnesty starting on Sunday 3rd December for drivers to hand in blue badges they have been misusing. No questions asked.

The Blue Badges could have expired, belong to another person or be no longer necessary. Motorists can hand them in at County Hall, or at any library around the county or send them to: Blue Badge Service, PO Box 873, Oxford, OX1 9NY.

Councillor Judith Heathcoat Deputy Leader of the Oxfordshire County Council and Cabinet Member for Customer Services said: “The Blue Badge Service is a lifeline for many disabled people who cannot travel far from their vehicle. However, the system is sadly abused, which affects those who rely on it. We would like to give the opportunity to people who may be misusing blue badges to dispose of them and avoid further prosecution.”

Over 22,000 citizens in Oxfordshire have a Blue Badge issued by the County Council. This service is highly valued by for people who struggle with mobility and is designed to help them remain independent and reduce loneliness. The badge holder can use it whenever they travel as a driver or a passenger.

Busting Blue Badge abuse

Where the scheme is misused or abused, Oxfordshire County Council takes a very strong stance to ensure that only those that need, and qualify for a Blue Badge benefit from it. If people are misusing or abusing a Blue Badge, the council takes appropriate action to protect genuine badge holders against fraud.

That's because misusing a Blue Badge is a serious offence which can result in removal of the badge, a fine of up to £1000 and a criminal record. Oxfordshire County Council continue to investigate and prosecute people abusing and using this service fraudulently, working in partnership with City Council.

Last year, 600 blue badges were checked and 12 removed, with 10 warnings issued that resulted in 2 prosecutions.

Oxfordshire County Council is now offering the chance for drivers who are not genuine Blue Badge holders to do the right thing. Examples of abuse are using someone else’s badge, having an out of date badge, a deceased person’s badge, having improved mobility or using a badge when the badge holder is not travelling in the car.

Just do the right thing and hand in your bogus Blue Badge. The amnesty runs from 3rd to 13th December (12th is the last day).

More information about eligibility here: