Barriers will stop drivers flouting road closure

The road is not suitable as a diversion and is closed to through-traffic, but motorists have been ignoring signs and causing safety concerns.

Oxfordshire County Council has been working closely with Network Rail, and the company has already installed fixed signs to emphasise the closure to drivers. This followed instances of signs being deliberately taken down or removed.

However, continued flouting of the closure means physical barriers will now be set up midway along Cow Lane to prevent irresponsible motorists driving through while still allowing access to residents.

Last resort

Oxfordshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Highways David Nimmo Smith said: "This is really our last resort but unfortunately the behaviour of some motorists has left us with no choice but to put up a physical barrier. This is a minor route used regularly by pedestrians and horse riders, and it just isn't safe as a rush-hour diversion for large numbers of vehicles. But people aren't taking heed of the signs, so we're having to stop them by other means.”

He added: "We are continuing to work closely with Network Rail regarding these closure arrangements and the barriers are due to be installed by the company later today. Meanwhile we strongly recommend that motorists follow the official diversion that has been widely publicised and is clearly marked.”