Active travel work comes to Abingdon

People who are using two wheels to get round in Abingdon have received a boost from Oxfordshire County Council.

Crews are out around Oxfordshire clearing cycle routes and repainting markings to make cycling easier to those who already do it, and also to those considering trying it out.

In Abingdon work has been done on Marcham Road and Copenhagen Drive that has left cycling routes clear and looking good. Lines have also been renewed in Audlett Drive, Twelve Acre Drive, and Thames View with more work planned locally on small repairs and path clearing.

The work was done as part of a countywide Active Travel programme to maintain and improve routes and bring other improvements, such as recently-announced cycle racks to locations across Oxfordshire.

County Councillor Liam Walker, Cabinet member for Highway Operation and Delivery, said: “Active travel is at the top of the council’s agenda as we want to do as much as we can to help people to change the way they get about and to keep the good habits that they may have developed in recent months.

“Clearing and tidying up existing routes is just a part of what the county council is working on. Active travel is something that is needed now and, very definitely, for the future.

“If just one person who usually drives chooses to cycle it can have a really big impact on their carbon emissions, their contribution to cleaner air and reducing congestion. Of course we want to see everyone who has been getting out and about using sustainable modes to keep it up as then we will really start to see massive changes.

“This goes to show that the work our maintenance crews do is about more than roads and cars – they are out there making a real positive difference to people’s lives and health.

“I am sure residents will join me in thanking the crews for the work that they do in all weathers as hot sun has been replaced by heavy rain and today strong wind, all while observing strict health and safety rules.”