Latest news from Access to Headington


Traffic management 

  • Traffic continues to be controlled manually by 4-way traffic lights at the Gipsy Lane-Old Road-Roosevelt Drive-Warneford Lane junction
  • Surfacing work at the junction will begin mid-February meaning that the four approaches will be closed between 8pm and 6am - more information below

Project update

Work continues on the first part of Access to Headington and we're currently working on the corners of Roosevelt Drive/Warneford Lane and also Gipsy Lane/Old Road.

The work we're undertaking is similar to previous phases where we're removing the existing kerbs and realigning them to create room to widen the carriageway. We are also installing new drainage and cables for the traffic signals and improving the shared cycle/footways.

Over the coming weeks we will be completing the construction of the new kerbs and reconstructing the pedestrian crossing islands on Old Road and Warneford Lane.

Surfacing work in February

In February, we will be carrying out surfacing and white lining work on the junction. This will be carried out over night when the traffic is at its lightest between the hours of 8pm and 6am and the junction will be open during the day.

The surfacing work is expected to last six nights and we will be closing various sections of the junction each night.The white lining work and the installation of the cables will follow and is expected to take approximately four nights, though we expect this to be carried out under lane closures and not full closures.

We will be providing more information on the dates in the coming weeks to ensure sufficient advanced warning.


We are regularly in contact with Vital Energi regarding the work they’re doing for the Heatpipe project to ensure both sets of work are coordinated in order to cause as little disruption as possible.