A40 Sunderland Avenue - Further information

What does the work at A40 Sunderland Avenue involve?

The works include carriageway resurfacing between Wolvercote Roundabout and Cutteslowe Roundabout. This will involve replacing of the traffic signals loops as well as the vehicle counter loops, new road markings and the cleaning of the drainage kerbs and gullies.

We will be making minor amendments to the roadmarkings on the approaches to the roundabouts to improve the alignment. Based on feedback since our announcement of resurfacing Sunderland Avenue, we have reconsidered the reversion to 2 lane operation and will reinstate the roadmarkings to 3 lanes as now, we will be installing other measures such as vehicle activated signs and improving the lane marking alignment instead.

What will the hours of work be?

Phase 1: A40 Sunderland Avenue will be closed from 8am Saturday 12 August until 8pm on Sunday 13 August. Construction works will only be undertaken between 8am and 11pm on Saturday and between 9am and 8pm on Sunday. The road will remain closed overnight during this phase.

Phase 2: A40 Sunderland Avenue will be closed at night between 7pm and 6am each night from Monday 14 August to Friday 18 August. The noisiest operations will be completed by 11pm each night. The road will be open during the day over this phase.

How will Sunderland Avenue be better?

A40 Sunderland Avenue is a busy arterial route in Oxford and an important link between the west of the county and London, with more than 30,000 vehicles use the route each day

The work will result in and a much needed new road surface on the A40 Sunderland Avenue. 

Can the work not be done in a less disruptive way?

As with all road works, some disruption to your journey should be anticipated.

Oxfordshire County Council has worked with its contractors, Skanska, to come up with a programme which means that the work will be done in days rather than up to six weeks thanks to using night time and weekend closures and taking advantage of the quieter school holiday time.

What are the diversions or alternative routes?

To avoid rat running and more disruption to local residents, additional to A40 –Sunderland Avenue closure, Five Mile Drive at its junction with Wolvercote Roundabout and Davenant Road at its junction with Woodstock Road will also be closed.

Five Mile Drive and Davenant road will then be no through road during the works and therefore residents will be allow to access this road through Banbury road.

Sunderland Avenue service roads will remain open although not accessible through the A40.

The proposed diversion for the closure at A40 Sunderland Avenue is through A4165 Banbury Road, Frieze Way and A440 Woodstock Road North Oxford.

How will cyclists and pedestrians be catered for while the work is done?

Routes for pedestrians and cyclists will remain unchanged and open as existing during the work. The pedestrian crossings will be turned off while the road is closed and appropriated measures will be in place to assist pedestrian and cyclist crossing the road.

Will any residents parking be lost?

During the works provision has been made to temporarily suspend some of the parking located on the south service road (Sunderland Avenue) and some parking spaces at the east side of Rothafield. This provision is required in order to allow for site compound. The suspension of parking bays will be kept as short as possible and will be clearly signed in advance.

I want to make a comment on these works. How can I do this?

If you would like to make a complaint or ask a question about these works you have a choice of methods to use:

Email: A40SunderlandAve@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Call Oxfordshire County Council’s Customer Service Centre 0345 310 11 11

If our Customer Service Team can’t answer your question we can arrange for one of the council’s officers to respond to you directly.