A338 repairs safeguard popular route

People using the A338 between Frilford and East Hanney are now benefiting from improved safety thanks to work done by the county council.

Repair crews spent two weeks repairing the ditch next to the road after a lorry crash made it unsafe. The team installed 150m of drainage pipe and repaired the damaged verge

Other work incorporated in the £150,000 budget included putting in new fencing, backfilling the ditch, replacing top soil and reseeding.

County Councillor Liam Walker, Cabinet member for Highway Operation and Delivery, said: “This is one of those jobs that often goes unnoticed, especially when the work is finished, but it is really vital to the structure and safety of the road people drive on.

“Our teams are working hard across Oxfordshire, and have been throughout lockdown, to get more potholes fixed, more roads resurfaced and more jobs like this one on the A338 finished.

“In this case the contractors took advantage of the good weather to finish a week early. While we can’t do that on every job, it does show that everyone involved in fixing Oxfordshire’s roads does their best to keep inconvenience to a minimum.”