2 year old funding postcards

We are expecting to receive a new list of families eligible for the two year old funding week commencing 11 January 2016. We will continue to confirm eligibility for the two year old funding via postcards for these families.

Confirming eligibility via a postcard

Confirming eligibility via a postcard removes the requirement for parents to apply online for a limited period. The online solution is still available to parents but we feel that postcards provide a far simpler customer journey.

Eligible parents will receive a postcard which will include a 7 digit reference number and a space for the parents to write their details. This postcard will confirm their eligibility for funding in the spring term (codes ending in F), or for children turning two between January and March (codes ending in G), the postcard will confirm eligibility for the summer term. Please note, we will provide funding for a full term regardless of when the child starts in the spring but we will not back date the funding for the autumn term.

Parents need to give the completed postcard to approved early education providers before the 5 February 2016 as explained on the postcard.

New process

When a family presents with a postcard, you must call the early education funding team on 01865 894811 and quote the reference number and name of the family. This ensures that the two year old is in receipt of a valid reference number before you start the child.

You will then need to add the child’s and parent’s details to this spreadsheet:

This spread sheet should then be returned to us at earlyeducation@oxfordshire.gov.uk. We would prefer you to only submit the spread sheet once, so please do not return the spread sheet until after 5 February, after which time the postcards will expire.

The last day that we can accept completed spread sheets 9 February. If you fail to return it to us by this date, we may not be able to honour the funding. You will need each parent to complete a parental declaration form and the postcard can be kept in the child’s file for auditing purposes.

Key points

  • Parents will receive a postcard that confirms their eligibility
  • Parents complete details on postcard and give postcard to EY provider (there is no application form and the parents do not need to apply online). Please note, you will need to make sure that the spreadsheet records the name of the parent that the national insurance number relates to as this isn’t captured on the postcard
  • Parents need to do this by 5 Febrary 2016.
  • The postcards confirm eligibility for a January 2016 or an April start for children that turn two between January and March– we cannot back date the funding
  • EY provider must confirm the reference number by calling 01865 894811
  • EY providers must return information on eligible families by Tuesday 9 February. This is done via the attached spreadsheet.
  • If parents do not take the postcards to EY providers before the 5 February, they will need to reapply for the funding via the portal.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact the early education funding team on 01865 894811.