£135,000 resurfacing for Marlborough Street, Faringdon

Work is set to begin tonight on resurfacing another Oxfordshire County Council road.

Marlborough Street in Faringdon is to see £135,000 spent on repairs to surface, drains and replacing road lines between Station Road and Gloucester Street – a distance of 230m.

The work is one of seven schemes that the county council had planned to work on this summer before a decision was taken to invest an extra £10m in road maintenance this year – effectively doubling the road repair budget.

Marlborough Street was assessed by the county council’s engineers and earmarked for investment due to the condition of the road, the amount of traffic that uses it and the benefits that would come from the new surface.

County Councillor Yvonne Constance, Cabinet member for Environment, said: “It’s good to see another stretch of Oxfordshire road is being returned to a good condition.

“Work is happening all round Oxfordshire to resurface, repair kerbs and pavements, clear drains, cut grass and hedges and fix road signs. It really is a year-round job and there’s more of this type of work on the way across the county thanks to the investment of another £10m.”

Work will start on the evening of 28 August and run for four nights. The road will open during the day.