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Giles is looking forward to a New Year return to the house he’s lived in for 92 years

When people are opening their Christmas presents on December 25th, one 92-year old man from Oxford will be content in the knowledge that he’ll already have received the present he wanted – a return home in the New Year.

Giles Onions, 92, was moved in to a care home following a fall at home and was unable to return due his home, which he has lived in for 92 years, needing some improvements to be made to it.

However his move in to a care home did not mean he lost access to his Oxfordshire County Council Social Worker Kelly Guilfoy who continued to work with him. For some time now, the pair have been working closely together planning his return back home to his house where he has lived all his life.

Kelly said: “The county council is working with the Fire Service and Environmental Health at Oxford City Council specifically to get Mr Onions’ house in good shape for his return. That’ll happen in the New Year and we’re greatly looking forward to it.

“Initially Mr Onions was supported to move to a care home in Cowley. That was fine but we knew we wanted to get him in to a home nearer to his property so that we could occasionally walk with him to see his beloved house and the progress being made to improve it and make it suitable for him to return.

“We’ve also been able to get Mr Onions some new spectacles so that he can read again and actually see his old house when we pay a visit.

“It really has been a pleasure to work with Mr Onions who repeatedly tells us he’s grateful for what we’re doing and that he’s safe and warm this Christmas with a happy new year to look forward to.”

Councillor Lawrie Stratford, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, said: “Mr Onions story is a heart-warming one. It would be very rare these days to encounter someone who has lived in the same house for 92 years.

"It will be an absolute pleasure for our social workers to return him back to that house when he’s well enough and when the house has been updated to the extent that it is ready for that return. As a council our overall ethos is to try to maintain people’s independence and for them to be in their own homes. That’s the track we’re on with Mr Onions.”

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